Batteries and charging stations

The most appropriate technology for any application requirement

The proposed range:

- Lithium batteries: top performance and total absence of exhalations

- Pure Lead sealed lead acid batteries: high performance with very low percentages of exhalations

- Lead-Acid batteries


Battery Charging and Change Systems:

1) Fully automatic Change and Charge System: each LGV has at least two batteries that are alternated fully automatically; the LGV moves to the area adjacent to the battery change and charge station and fully independently places the empty battery and inserts the charged battery on board, moving then to complete other new tasks. This system can be combined with any type of battery.

2) Opportunity battery charging system: each LGV has only the battery on board, whenever there are breaks, the LGV moves to the area next to the opportunity battery charging system to make a partial recharge for a few minutes. This system is particularly suitable for Lithium or Pure Lead batteries.

3) Lead-Acid batteries

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