Case Packers


The case packers made by Mad Automation are sturdy and reliable machines designed to make many different types of packages with a single machine.

This is an innovative project that stems from the studies and the experience gained by the company in the packaging industry, perfected by the application of cutting-edge technology that paves the way for its widespread use in the coming years.

Mad Superfast


Mad  tWrap


Main features of the system

Automatic size changeover
The versatility of our equipment is surely a key strength point: the size changeover phases take only a few minutes, thanks also to automatic systems that can adjust the machine fully indipendently. It is then possible to equip the machines with automatic adjustments for the size changeover, in order to ensure time saving and the correct device positioning.
Reduced dimensions
The layout is always developed to measure, according to the client’s specific needs, so as to make the most of the space available. The integration of power switchboards into the top section of the machine, allows an important space saving, facilitating the machine positioning and its accessibility from all sides.
Respect for the product
During case formation and packing, the packs are always accompanied and kept in the correct position by contact guide rails so as to prevent falls, bumps, breaks or micro damages. The sealing systems installed on the conveyors prevent product warpage, optimizing the package size and allowing to recover up to 20% of usable space.
The machines are designed and manufactured to work H24-7, thanks to the use of high-quality standard parts and enhancement (about the 30%) of the performance of the various devices that make up the system.
Easy operation
The machines are fully accessible from any side: this enhances performance during production, reduces size changeover times and simplifies setup and maintenance. Thanks to the graphical interface of the touch screen, you can set any data relating to speed and placement heights of the various devices; all data is saved and can be retrieved by associating the same to work recipes corresponding to the different sizes.

Packaging Formats


Case for
Self-Protected Capsules


Display Tray


Wrap Around




Display Tray 
+ Lid


American Case

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