tSTACKER pallet stacker

tSTACKER is intended for companies that need to handle empty pallets

It is a standalone modular unit, which adds efficiency to your pallet handling system and prevents your employees from lifting heavy loads.

tSTACKER is an easy-to-use system; thanks to the touch screen panel, user can independently configure the number of pallets to be stacked/unstacked. The empty pallet is flowed, by a motorized roller system, to the lifting point, where special hooks wedged into the pallet to lift it. Once tSTACKER reaches the given number of pallets, it proceeds with their ejection from the lifting point and then it drives them to the picking point, always operating in full autonomy.


tSTACKER top benefits:

- Reduced pallet stacking times
- Reduced pallet handling costs
- No manual handling
- Prevention of accidents at work
- Fewer sick leaves
- A tidier workplace
- Better workplace environment
- Increased efficiency
- Reduced pallet stacking area
- Optimised pallet flow

tSTACKER pallet stacker

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tSTK001 L1600 x W3200 x H2500 1200 x 800 500 Kg 15
tSTK002 L1800 x W3200 x H2500 1200 x 1000 500 Kg 15
tSTK101 L1600 x W3200 x H3800 1200 x 800 800 Kg 25
tSTK102 L1800 x W3200 x H3800 1200 x 1000 800 Kg 25



tOP001 Request for rejection from 1 to 3 stacked pallets
tOP002 Automatic recognition of the incoming pallet height for stacking 1, 2, or 3 pallets




  • Number of pallets that can be stacked
    • From 1 to 25 (15 pallet on average)
  • Ejection of the entire stack
    • Automatic
  • Ejection with request button
    • Yes
  • Pallet sizes
    • 1200 x 800 and 1200 x 1000 mm (other sizes are optional)
  • Electronic management
    • PLC and touch screen monitor with diagnostic
  • Lifting system
    • Motorised with configuable positions



  • Supply voltage
    • 230 Vac
  • Installed power
    • 2 Kw
  • Air
    • 6 bar
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