Palletising Stations

Maximum efficiency for turnkey solutions

Mad Automation palletising stations are designed to handle a wide range of products including: wrap around packaging, display trays with lid, display trays, plateau, american cases, packs, bags, etc...

The gripping heads are designed and customized based on the characteristics of the different products to palletise, to ensure maximum efficiency of the system. Moreover, the palletizing stations are equipped with cutting-edge software that make the insertion of new formats faster and easier than ever.

The human-machine interface (HMI) is user-friendly and is designed and developed by our software department according to customer’s needs; this special attention decisively simplifies both the work of the operator and the maintenance of the system.

Mad Automation palletising stations are designed to be directly connected to upstream/ downstream production lines. In addition, all palletisers are designed to be interfaced with our Laser Guided Vehicles (LGV), which can also be integrated at a later stage.

Mad Automation provides turnkey solutions that include: the study of solutions, the installation, commissioning and scheduled maintenance of the system, ensuring maximum performance of the entire line.

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