Our range of LGV shuttles

To suit any task in terms of capacity, product and routes

Mad Automation, which has been specialising in industrial automation systems for many years, has developed a new range of laser guided vehicles for the automated transport of materials to production sites.

Our state-of-the-art LGV shuttles are designed to meet any technological and production requirement, especially for 24h work shifts and they perfectly integrate with other existing systems.

They can run in any industrial sector and are essential especially when hygienic, microbiological, food, or temperature conditions do not fully protect the operator.

Mad Roller

Mad 1000

Mad 2500

Mad 3000

Mad 5000

Mad 7500

Our automatic laser guided vehicles meet safety, precision, and constant production control requirements. They are essential when goods data must be managed and tracked via IT systems, as they optimise storage loading and unloading operations and transport stages, also for chain processing.

Our LGV shuttles ensure a quick return on investment. The flexibility of our machinery allows you to reconfigure the characteristics of the entire system in the event of changes (even radical) in the functions to be carried out.

Main features of the system

Innovation with high technological content
Easy and fast integration with any existing system
Maximum precision and flexibility.
They can run 24/7 to transport any type of goods on pallets, crates, and reels, thus ensuring extreme reliability  and durability (This is possible as we use materials of the highest quality and rely on market-leading suppliers.).
They have maximum flexibility of movement, as they do not need any ground infrastructure.
Our control and management software allows you to change layout and route any time.
Our technicians have developed our control and navigation software, gwhich allows the machinery to  adapt to any requirement.
Our vehicles and the entire system use electronic and mechanical components that can be found easily on the market: this is an important advantage for  the end customer, who can rely on their technical personnel for maintenance and support.
Supervising our LGV systems is easy , and accurate thanks to the use of intuitive synoptic systems that describe the status of the storage and production minute by minute.


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