The company

We constantly upgrade the technology of our products. We invest in this to provide state-of-the-art mechanical, electronic, and IT solutions. : Laser guided vehicles, case packers, customised machinery, and software that meet the requirements of every single customer.

We manage all production stages, which include the study and design of the solution, engineering, assembly of the systems’ mechanical, hydraulic, and electric parts, developing customised software, and final testing, and after-sales assistance. Quality, professionalism, and expertise are our strengths.

We aim at improving manufacturers’ performance: having our state-of-the-art industrial automation and handling machinery means being effective, reducing costs, promoting efficiency, and increasing safety and productivity.

Mad Automation has been specialising in the manufacture of automatic machines and electronic software for more than ten years. Improving the performance and efficiency of the packaging and industrial handling industry is our goal.

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