Mad Automation has been working for more than fifteen years as a software developer and end of line solutions manufacturer, with the aim of bringing to the packaging and handling industry the maximum benefits in terms of performance and production efficiency.

Mad’s continuous research for new technical solutions and improvement of existing systems results in a complete range of state of the art machinery: cartoning machines for self-protected capsules, case packers, palletisers, LGVs (Laser Guided Vehicles) and software, designed to meet every single customer’s specific requirements.

The whole design and production process is done internally: research and design engineering, assembly of mechanical parts electric cabinets, custom software development, testing and after-sales support.

Mad has been steadily growing both in terms of sales network and turnover with the aim of making the Brand Mad Automation synonymous with End-ofline Systems. Over the years Mad has been awarded numerous patents and an honorable Mention for Innovation by the Italian Chamber of Commerce.

In order to respond to the increasing Market’s demand for complete End-Of-Line systems, and in spite of the 2020/2021 Covid 19 crisis, Mad recently moved into its new Headquarters, a brand new, state of the art, 3.500 m2 (37.000 ft2) facility.

Mad’s development strategy for the next years is to strengthen its commercial coverage both in Europe and Overseas by implementing an international sales network. The first step towards the accomplishment of this goal is the constitution of Mad’s Subsidiary in North America, Mad Automation America Inc.

Mad’s goal is to improve the performance of manufacturing companies. Our new generation machinery grant high efficiency, reduction of overall costs, ease of operation, total safety and high productivity.

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